Top 5 upcoming trucks in india

Top 5 upcoming trucks in india

January 21, 2018 3 By Harshit Mishra

Top 5 upcoming trucks in India…….

India is one of the largest truck markets in the world contrary to popular belief.The mere fact that India is still labeled as a ‘developing economy’ despite being one of the largest ones is actually proof of the huge number of commercial vehicles plying on it every second. Trucks in India come in many sizes and shapes.

And manufacturers are going to the next gear to revolutionize Indian trucks and pickups. Leading companies such as Tata, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, BharatBenz are slowly but surely changing their products with an eye towards the future.

And 2016-2017 saw quite a few newly launched trucks at par with international standards. Read on for the best of the lot!


Gone are the days when trucks in India meant locally designed masterpieces trudging on the highways, belching black smog and filled over the weight limit.

A new dawn is rising for this country taking to newer technologies and catching up to international standards. Trucks in India are coming off age, incorporating new technologies and becoming better. And the 2016-2017 year saw quite a few releases showing what the future has in store.

Top 5 upcoming trucks in India released in 2016-2017: –

Trucks in India are going to the next level of technology with every passing year. Although you might see old trucks with their garland paintings and ‘Horn Please’ letterings, these trucks are part of an India which is changing. And so will these trucks.

With more emphasis on power and technology, commercial vehicles are changing for the better keeping in tune with international truck-technology standards. Here’s a list of the best of the best you might soon see on roads: –

Top 5 upcoming trucks in India:-


1. Tata PRIMA range:-

Bharat Benz©

Keeping in tow the international standards, Tata launched its range of ‘World Smart Trucks’ brand – Tata Prima. Developed in collaboration with Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles (TDCV), this range heads into a direction where few other Indian truck manufacturers have gone to. With advances in all fields, this a is a premium range of trucks including a 6×4 PRIMA 4038.K Construction-Tipper and a 4×2 PRIMA 4438.S tractor head with other ones added later. Tata trucks price list rate these trucks at above INR 36 lakhs.


2.Mahindra Blazo range:-

Mahindra blazo©


The first range of trucks to audaciously challenge a return if the product does not give the mileage promised – Mahindra Blazo. This range includes a huge range of trucks from a mid-duty Blazo 25 all the way to the Blazo 49. These Mahindra trucks price come in from INR 20 lakh.


3. Eicher PRO 1049:-

Eicher pro 1049©

One of the newest additions to the popular PRO range, this is Eicher’s first entry into the sub 5-ton commercial vehicle segment. Eicher PRO 1049 is already a popular semi-truck around. Eicher trucks price list rate this vehicle from INR 8 lakh.


4.Ashok Leyland Boss series:-

Ashok Leyland boss©


Ashok Leyland is the 2ndlargest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. And their take on the Intermediate commercial vehicle is the just launched Ashok Leyland Boss range. Pricing starts from around INR 10.5 lakhs.


5.Bharat Benz MD IN-POWER models:-

Bharat benz©

Launching a Multi-Drive Mode for trucks in India for the first time, Bharat Benz concentrates on giving off top segment specs. And their latest addition into the mid-duty segment, BharatBenz MD IN-POWER is all about the best possible performance and utility in the segment. Pricing starts from above INR 12 lakhs.

Trucks in India are setting a future trend, getting better than ever before. Be a part of this future of Indian trucking.

Top 5 upcoming truck’s in india…….



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