Vitara breeza

TOP 5 cars: Rs 5-10 lakh
This price segment is a confrontation sedan, SUV and MPV like no other. This is the winner.



This is the tailgate, which alters the segment in the head and positions itself directly at the top of the chain. Elite i20 as a hard to blame package. Classic fluid design coupled with high quality interior make it a very enticing package. Like most Hyundais we have a luxurious ride, comfortable chairs and nice nuances. This is the only saloon in the segment that offers six airbags, which means it takes an hour.


Price: Rs 6,16 lakh
Variant: Era 1.2
Type of fuel: gasoline
Displacement: 1,396 cc
Distance: 13.3 km / l

EMI loans
Rs 15,744 (3 years)
Rs 10,367 (5 years)
For Rs 4.92 lakh (80% loan @ 10% interest

Running fee: RS 4,323 (per month @ 30 km per day)



Baleno is a premium factor for the Maruti hatchback and is sold exclusively through the Nexa manufacturers’ representatives. This brand promises an excellent experience for everything, including the purchase and after-sales service. We love the fact that hatchbacks by default accept double airbags and anti-lock brakes. Not only do you get all the important things, such as the occupants’ space and the cargo space, but also beautiful rag dolls like projector headlights and touch-screen infotainment systems.

Price: Rs 5.25 lakh
Variant: 1.2 Sigma
Type of fuel: gasoline
Displacement: 1,197 cc
Distance: 17.8 km / l

EMI loans
Rs 13,440 (3 years)
Rs 8,850 (5 years)
For Rs 4.2 lakh (80% loan @ 10% interest)

Running fee: Rs 3,228 (per month @ 30 km per day)


Vitara breeza


Within six months of launching the best-selling SUV in India is not an easy task, but Vitara Brezza pulls her without sweating. Maruti is based on the basic concept of this compact SUV, aggressive display, spacious cabin and open field. Design features like 16-inch alloy wheels, two-color systems and “floating roof” themes make people struggling to buy them. Powered by a diesel engine that combines efficiency and power, Vitara Brezza offers a deceptive model.

Price: Rs 7,19 lakh
Variant: LDi
Type of fuel: gasoline
Displacement: 1,248 cc
Distance: 20.8 km / l

EMI loans
Rs 18,400 (3 years)
Rs 12,116 (5 years)
For Rs 5.75 lakh (80% loan @ 10% interest)

Running costs: Rs 2,767 (per month @ 30 km per day)




Swift introduced the Indian audience in 2005 to a fun hatchback concept. For a decade, customers love it for its superb quality. The petrol engines are happy to be tough and the direction of the good maneuver makes it a pleasure on weekend trips. The design manages to change some heads and unusual shows that have been adapted to the taste of the owner. This is the answer to the prayers of price-conscious fans.

Price: Rs 5.01 lakh
Optional: Optional LXI-O
Type of fuel: gasoline
Displacement: 1,197 cc
Distance: 15.6 km / l

EMI loans
Rs 12,800 (3 years)
Rs 8,429 (5 years)
For Rs 4 Lakh (80% loan @ 10% interest)


KUV 100


K means “Kool,” Mahindra said. This funky “micro-SUV” makes a big impression because of its distinctive style and sophisticated features. The theme of the SUV design works in accordance with Mahindra, giving it an advantage over its conventional competitors. KUV100 is also the only vehicle in its class that can live in its six inhabitants. For anyone who wants a six seat opportunity, this car is a worthy choice.

Price: Rs 5,0 Lakh
Variant: mFALCON G80 K4
Type of fuel: gasoline
Displacement: 1,198 cc
Distance: 15.5 km / l

EMI loans
Rs 12.928 (3 years)
Rs 8,513 (5 years)
For Rs 4.04 Lakh (80% loan at 10% interest)

Running costs: Rs 3,708 (per month @ 30 km per day)

Note: All prices apply from Delhi Showroom.
All cars have manual transmission.
Gasoline prices on September 15, 2016 are Rs 64.05 and Solar R 52.63 per liter.
The estimated resale price is 50,000 km after five years.
The mileage comes from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to drive the city.




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