Kawasaki H2R 2018 Edition:- GIVES THE FEAR OF THE WILD BEAST UNLEASHED…kawasaki h2R 2018 ©wallpapercave.com I’ve always maintained that the human species isn’t qualified to handle the Kawasaki H2R 2018. Opening the throttle with gusto is the is the motorcycling equivalent of dangling your crotch over a snooker pocket having Ronnie O’Sullivan waiting patiently with the cue ball after confessing to him you have murdered his missus. Imagine your scariest ever untamed roller coaster, Sprinkle in some supercharger, a Splash of 300bhp… And you’re still way of registering even a minor tremor on the H2Ritcher scale. ©wallpapercave.com It’s very special in many ways the technology, superfluous power, exquisite detail and Synergy silver paint. And when I say special, I say[…]