Specification of Suzuki intruder

Specification of Suzuki intruder

January 16, 2018 6 By Harshit Mishra


Suzukimotorcycle India who came 150 CC cruiser bike section India to start the intruder 150. Bike is no doubt inspired by your big brother intruder 1800, However, is that the same engine and the basis of very well known Suzuki gixxer. Suzuki motorcycle India Ltd (smil) were at the end of the success to start a powerful cruiser a input level value to provide you have a latest news retro expertise. cruiser is available in India price range Bucks 98,340 (ex-showroom Delhi).

Bike is a safe, title Turner with surprising detail and retro look. rarely exhaust, West side panels and light Hood, new cruises need a great success. cruiser is powered by 154.9cc, single cylinder production 14.6 BHP @ 8000 rpm 14 nm @ 6000 rpm.

Design & Style


Suzuki intruder 150 cruiser you have a very attractive retro-induced which is necessary to enter the emphasis on the road. Suzuki intruder 150 led projector Lighthouse, said aerodynamic tank, game twin exhaust, all digital instrument cluster taken directly with gixxer and the led tail lamp. it is amazing views and design, cruise called certificate film is also one day.
Engine & transmission
New Suzuki intruder 150 powered by 154.9cc, 4 times, single cylinder also responsible gixxer 150 production maximum power 14.6 BHP @ 8,000 rpm and extremely equal to 14 nm @ 6,000 rpm. engine coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission.


This 150cc engine expected soft and crispy comments as gixxer and sophisticated transmission. energy efficiency of the intruder varies between 40-45 kmpl (almost) and it is provided for the maximum speed 115 mph. engine believe torquey ultra sophisticated and progress is easy to do so without too much shifting.

Kerb weight

With her bump look, heavy chest and large proportion of cruise not heavy curb weight 148 kg. with seat height 740 mm is necessary to provide a comfortable ride experience. tires period 110/70 r17 forward and 140/60 r17 on the back. gixxer style tire short everything you mass and sweeping the body.

Instrument Console

It involves console there is a digital tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and odometer. digital travel meters and the led accompanies looked cruising rather well.

Suspension and Brakes

Suspension setup are included in the telescope front Fork and cute shock unit on the back. braking functions controlled by the disc brakes on both ends with an option single channel ABS with gixxer sf on the marginal price range. ride comfort is very good and rough surfaces are absorbed well, but the rear shock absorber is a little less than visit, due to the new sub-setting and a little more air box. However, is provided a single chain ABS, but works, but also as well as a minimum intrusive vibrations in the brake lever when activated.

Color &Shades


The new Suzuki intruder 150 India is available in two striking color: – glass glossy black / metal Matt titanium silver metal Gray / metal matte black.

Ride and management


Intruder provides an easy, legs, driving position which is to establish along rider, while the 740mm seat height of the means to be suitable for riders, of all sizes. it is easy to assemble a low speed and also gives you a stable deal on a high-speed. cruiser provides a decent level corner extraction and that player suspension, which is necessary to experience the most stable Promenade a wind day. slow, bike believe surprisingly light and adjusted for something that is so great and it should be right to handle traffic.


The new Suzuki intruder 150 compete with very popular Bajaj Avenger road 150 market and already wave input level cruiser bike market. its impressive information, retro design and a wonderful guy look, new Suzuki intruder 150 very high-end and desirable option. However, the design and style remove polarization still together for huge fan of the following.




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