Modified maruti baleno RS by AM racing

Modified maruti baleno RS by AM racing

April 23, 2018 0 By Harshit Mishra

Modified maruti Baleno RS by AM Racing is a hot sleeper car

Modified maruti baleno RS by AM racing

Seen here is a Modified maruti
Baleno RS by AM racing Delhi-Based.

Basically, this Baleno RS carries a
set of modifications that make the
hot-hatch version of the Baleno
premium hatchback even hotter.


The customizer has taken the sleeper route, which means the car mostly looks like the stock version.

However,it’s definitely tuned to offer more in terms of performance.


The Baleno RS has been criticized
for being a tad softer than other hot
hatchbacks of our car market.


Much of this has to do with the fact that the Baleno RS misses out on any substantial mods for the suspension or the exhaust system.


This Baleno RS, however, is exactly what the doctor ordered.


For starters, the car has been lowered using a set of Tanabe lowering springs from Japan. This reduces the 170 mm ground clearance substantially.


You get a more aggressive stance, which complements the higher power that the Baleno RS offers over the regular petrol variant.


The aftermarket springs costs Rs. 24,500. The car also gets stiffened dampers, which further help make the Baleno a hoot in the corners. These cost Rs 14,000.


It’s not just the suspension that
gets modified. You also get an
excellent Kakimoto GT06&S Titanium
tail exhaust from Japan.


The car also gets a shorter mid-muffler. This costs Rs 40,000 and gives a very healthy, bassy sound track.

Baleno RS

While AM Racing doesn’t deal in remaps and piggybacks, etc, it has taken the help of another customizer to get a Quantum ECU remap.


The remap costs Rs 26,000 and takes the peak power output to 120 bhp from the 101 bhp on the regular car.


Finally, to make sure there’s enough stopping power to compliment the bump in engine output, AM Racing has installed Dixcel ES-type front and rear brake pads to enhance the braking prowess.

These cost Rs 13,000. The tires and
wheels are stock at the moment
but are bound to be updated in near future.

Modified maruti baleno RS by AM racing

While the Modified maruti Baleno RS by AM racing you see above doesn’t get any sort of extreme modification, it goes on to highlight the car’s potential with the
right set of mods.

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