Kawasaki H2R 2018 edition :-Blink and you’ll miss it…

Kawasaki H2R 2018 edition :-Blink and you’ll miss it…

February 28, 2018 0 By Harshit Mishra

Kawasaki H2R 2018 Edition:-


Kawasaki H2R 2018


I’ve always maintained that the human species isn’t qualified to handle the Kawasaki H2R 2018.

Opening the throttle with gusto is the is the motorcycling equivalent of dangling your crotch over a snooker pocket having Ronnie O’Sullivan waiting patiently with the cue ball after confessing to him you have murdered his missus.

Imagine your scariest ever untamed roller coaster, Sprinkle in some supercharger, a Splash of 300bhp… And you’re still way of registering even a minor tremor on the H2Ritcher scale.

Kawasaki H2R 2018


It’s very special in many ways the technology, superfluous power, exquisite detail and Synergy silver paint.

And when I say special, I say special as in the design frame.

Think and prepare you for H2R’s impending wrap-speed trip. It isn’t just smidgen faster than anything else in production-it offers sky high level of debauchery that requires Psychopaths level of mental resolve; taxing eyesight,vision and cojones like never before.

Little Bruce Wilson’s face resembled the look of a man who’d just been violated after his first encounter.

However that H2R defilement has to be on the anyone’s bucketlist-you have got to try anything once,right?

Even set on the bespoke paddock stand menacingly ticking over,it shakes, rattle and vibrates like a shonky set build.

Blip the throttle and there’s a motion of things to come as the bike shimmies to the right as the turbine’s gyro force erupt angrily inside.

Specifications :-Kawasaki H2R 2018

Type998 cc, liquid cooled 16V,S'charged inline four
Bore X Stroke76.0?55.0 mm
FuellingElectronic fuel injection, 50 mm throttle bodies
Tested Power243 BHP @ 12,250 RPM
Tested torque144 NM @ 12000 RPM
RBW/ Riding ModesYes/Three modes
Traction ControlYes/Three levels
Wheelie ControlYes. Praise the lord...
Launch controlYes
FrameHigh tensile Stee trellis
Front suspension43 mm KYB AOD fork, Fully adjustable
Rear suspensionKYB monoshock, Fully adjustable
Front brakesBrembo M50 callipers, 330mm discs
Rear BrakesBrembo twin-piston calliper,250mm discs
Seat Height830mm
Dry Weight238kg
Fuel Capacity17litres
Price(Ex-showroom,Delhi)₹69.3 lakh (estimated)

Launching the bike at Qatar was a smart move by Kawasaki.

Losail circuit is fast,flat and featureless, lacking the European foibles of Portimao. Ridden at 50% in the Algarve, there was an element of control and consistency. Anything more was left to the hands of fate.

Kawasaki H2R 2018


For more specifications of Kawasaki H2R 2018 click here

But this isn’t just a simple straightliner. As a standalone facet,the chassis is incredible considering its weight and what’s house inside.

It takes supplementary muscling and thought to hustle it round compared to its whippet-like rivals, but breaking and corner entry is never an issue.

It’s remarkably stable under acceleration in the right circumstances,assured squatting at the rear, glamorously smoothening the tarmac beneath with 300bhp’s is worth of Bridgestone slick(we did not to put it on R10’s).

Those who lament electronic aids obviously haven’t attempted to domesticate the H2R with everything turned off.

The simple fact is without these electronics the H2R would be monumentally unrideable.

Most of the handling grumbles aren’t the fault of chassis on the H2R’s morbid obesity.

Throttle response borders on lethal when placed in the wrong rev parameters, which constantly upsets mid-corner stability and leaves only to realistic methods of riding the H2R the staunch speeds; Surfing the torque in taller gears, pre-empting the madness before the supercharger takes over and managing boost, or taming the CG when the dash reads above 8000rpm and relentlessly dealing with the cute cheeping sound.

The latter is Virtually impossible and this is exactly where the snooker/gonads analogue he becomes a reality.

Kawasaki H2R 2018


Unfortunately for everyone involved, the kawasaki H2R 2018 are decided to get out its juices during the first morning at Portimao.

With technical knowledge limited to hammering techniques (hit it hard or really hard) we decided to leave it rather than risking further damage,so no lifetime was recorded.

Given the H2 was only a second and a bit off last years ZX-10R it would have been very curious to witness what 300bhp looks like on the stopwatch. Next time…

Kawasaki H2R 2018


Many have argued it’s pointless motorcycle, which you can dispute because it’s really pointy.

But it’s also a slice of Engineering genius and a big Kawasaki-shaped middle finger to the rest of the industry-with a cherry on the top.

And now, with the quieter trackday-friendly exhaust available,the kawasaki H2R 2018 is suddenly a feasible toy-so long as resources to service the engine very 15 hours are also available. Dig dip, as in 41 grand,and you will never regret it….



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