History of automobiles:- see how auto indusrty is formed

History of automobiles:- see how auto indusrty is formed

July 12, 2018 2 By Harshit Mishra

Hello friends today I am going to introduce about the interesting history of automobiles how this idea came into the mind of the great scientist, inventor and the experts in automobile world.

Before starting let’s have some little introduction about automobile :-

An Automobile is a self-propelled vehicle which is used for the transportation of passengers and goods upon the ground.

A vehicle is a machine which is used for the transportation of passengers and goods.

As you know self-propelled vehicle is that in which power required for the propulsion is produced from within. Aeroplane, ship, motor boat, locomotive, car, bus, truck, jeep, tractor, scooter, motor cycle are the examples of self propelled vehicles.

Motor vehicle is another name for the self-propelled vehicle running on the ground.

Thus, automobile is a type of vehicle which is self-propelled and used for the transportation purposes upon the ground. Car, bus, truck, jeep, tractor, scooter, motor cycle are the examples of automobiles.

Since, an automobile is propelled upon the ground, so it differs from other types of self-propelled vehicles, like aeroplane, helicopter, rocket, ship, motor boat, locomotive.

So friends are you excited for looking back into the history that how interesting is the history of automobiles I am sure you are so let’s start so

history of automobiles


In 1769, a French engineer captain Nicholas Cugnot, built the first road vehicle propelled by its own power.
It was a three-wheeler, four-seater vehicle fitted with a steam engine. It attained a speed of about 2 m.p.h. for 15 minutes.

History of automobiles

IMG SRC:- 123RF.com Nicholas Cugnot first steam

In 1880, German and French efforts developed an internal combustion engine vehicle, which was used to carry fruits. The present day automobile is the development of this vehicle.

In 1885, Benz in Germany built a tricycle propelled by an internal combustion engine.

In 1885-86, Gottlieb Daimler patented an internal combustion engine in Germany and a year later it was running in a vehicle.

In 1895, Charles E. Duryea and Elwood J. Haynes in America developed experimental automobiles.

In this year, Panhard and Levassor in France also developed a car which, with minor exceptions, incorporated chief features of the automobile as we know it today.

In 1890-1895, the European designers were also active in the development of the automobile.

In 1895, the early Panhard in France had the engine placed in the front of a chassis, hooked up to a sliding gear transmission; and incorporated brake pedals, clutch and accelerator.

In 1900, the design of the automobile was so improved that it awakened the public to the fact that this new form of transportation was really practical for use.

In 1906, the production and sale of these vehicles became a business.

Before 1906, many of the great names around which the world’s largest manufacturing industry was to be built in America had already begun to manufacture the automobile vehicles.

Packard, Autocar, oldsmobile, White, Buick, Overland, Ford, Cadillac-all these names were on motor vehicles before 1905.

Pierce-Arro, Locomobile, Maxwell, Franklin and Peerless were also important in their time in the technical and commercial development of the motor vehicle.

In 1908, Ford started his model with an initial run of 20,000 vehicles, an output unheard at that time. This was the period when the designer’s chief objective was to make his vehicle run in mass production at the lowest possible price.

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History of automobiles

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Ford t model

In 1920, there was a gradual change and refinement in automobile design.

It was clear by that time the spark ignition gasoline engine was to be the power plant of the modern motor vehicle. Water cooled engines were almost universal.

The sliding gear transmission had established itself as predominant.
The poppet valve was used in almost every engine design.

Engines were all located in the front of the chassis( here’s the magical turn or charming turn given to the history of automobiles by the engineers and inventors).

In this period, the major improvements were made in every car feature.

The designers tried to produce a vehicle which will function at all times under all conditions; and which will be comfortable to ride and easy to operate.

Increased life of tyres, independent front wheel suspension, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, high power compression ratio, high power, use of new materials, hundreds of other changes have been made.

Conditions changed gradually. Chassis and engine reliability came to be normal expectancy. The car owners required greater riding comfort and easiness in operation.

In recent years, the passenger car chassis and construction has been forced to shape itself to pre designed bodies, while in the field of truck design body chassis problems now get simultaneous consideration to a greater extent than ever before.

Fluid flywheels, free-wheeling, over-riding, automatic transmissions and many other newer features are in the today’s car.

History of automobiles

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The diesel engine was invented only a few years after the spark-ignition engine. Cars had engines in the rear before they had them in the front.

The design development of recent years has provided the owner with cars that are safer, easier to drive, more reliable and comfortable.

The car owner of yesterday had to know something about repairing his vehicle. The driver who once was happy to have his car run, now he wants to repair it.

The old driver was glad to have an open body instead of a box to sit in. But today the driver likes closed body which protects him from accidents, storm, rains and sun.

The modern trends have created now opportunities for the professional repairman to the owner of a car.

It is interesting now to have knowledge of working of an automobile vehicle in the social life.

It is of the whole history of the development of automobile vehicle which emphasizes a knowledge of basic principles as the unifying link between the past, present and future.

History of automobiles  ends here for us but remain for our children’s.

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