5. 2017 Ford Escape ©thecarconnection.com Overall Score: 8.3 (Details Below) Ford Escape, in fifth place in compact SUVs, is characterized by performance, comfort, carrying capacity and a high level of safety. To use the best attributes of Escape, the reviewers recommend to choose the higher tribes. Escape, with a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine, with 168 horses, has a starting price of $ 23,750. Upgrading to SE or Titanium models improves performance with more power and a range of options. Expect to spend about $ 40,000 for a fully charged escape. When properly equipped, Escape can pull up to 3,500 pounds. The hold extends to 68 cubic feet and the rear seats are folded. The titanium decoration includes a lifting bar with[…]


Overview SLS AMG GT is a supercar incredibly fast and rare that re gullwings. powered by a they 8 6.2-litre make 583 HP, combined with automatic transmission seven steps dual clutch and traction back. money burn choose series black power 622 HP and other advantages quickly. regardless of your choice, SLS left a Mercedes, full of inner luxurious and well-arranged. insanitatea only briefly with the final version SLS or 2014 SLS AMG black series,is not yet a right-eight, However, is the strongest 6.2-liter, you 8 Mercedes-Benz ever built. This is probably last naturally aspirated bubbles brand heavy, breathing m159 Motor we ever heard. As a farewell gift, AMG gave the engine new camshafts, special excavators, more efficient intake traction, longer-lasting[…]

5. SSC Ultimate Aero ©topgear.com Before 2010, the Aero was the world’s quickest production Supercar.It set a record 256.23mph in Nevada in 2007, holding the title for three years before being dethroned by the Super Sport. Engine size: 1,287bhp 6.3-litre twin turbo V8 Top speed: 256 mph Price: £498,000 4. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport ©topgear.com A former holder of the official title of the world’s fastest production Supercar, there was a time when the Super Sport ruled the roads.Clocked at 267.91 in 2010, the Bugatti shot into the Guinness Book of World Records.But the time was set with the car’s speed limiter removed, meaning it would take second place to younger brother Chiron in an unrestricted race between the two.[…]