Car manufacturing:- how car is manufactured- Info Auto Enthusiasts

Car manufacturing:- how car is manufactured- Info Auto Enthusiasts

July 13, 2018 2 By Harshit Mishra

Hello friends today we will discuss the most important topic after history of automobiles is the manufacturing of cars. Car manufacturing is quite complicated in early days but now in modern days it is quite easy due to assembly line.

In today’s world most of the workers are employed by the car manufacturers next to the Indian railways in INDIA that’s quite amazing huh.

Car manufacturing

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Car manufacturing

The first successful american car was built by the Duryea Brothers – Charles and Frank in Massachusetts in 1893.

By 1896, other American inventors – Henry Ford, Ransom Olds, Alexander Winton and Charles king had built automobiles that ran more or less successfully.

By 1970, there were more than 100 million automobiles, trucks and buses in United States.

Today, of course, the United States is a nation on wheels, and the automotive vehicle has become a basic necessity.

The first British Daimler 12 HP car was made in 1899 by Daimler Motor Company.

The first Wolseley car was manufactured in 1899, by Wolseley Company.

It was the first four-wheeled car capable of producing 3.5 HP.

The Rover Company manufactured a motorised tricycle in 1888 and the first Rover car in 1904 with a 4 HP engine.

The first Lanchester car was built in 1895 by an English Designer – FW. Lanchester. Napiers constructed the first 6-cylinder car in 1903.

Charles Rolls and Claude Johnson of Henry Royce built a car with minor changes and it was claimed to be the best car in the world(which later led to the formation of ROLLS ROYCE).

Germany is the birth place of the automobile. It was invented there, it went through its first paces there and it was developed there to a high level of technical maturity. The list of German automobile pioneers is a long one. Starting with Nicholas Cugnot, August Oto, Carl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach and Rudolf Disel and going all the way upto Ferdinand Posche and Felix Wanke

Sunbeam 350 HP racing car with 12-cylinder aero-engine broke the worlds road speed record three times. Its maximum speed was 150 mph.

Humber8 HP, Hillman 10 HP, Austin 7 HP, Vauxhall 25 HP, Singer 10 HP, Bentley 25 HP, Astone Martin 12 HP, were a few more British cars.

Car manufacturing In India.

The first motor car appeared in India in 1898.

At that time, Bombay had the first taxi cabs.

In 1903, an American company began to operate a public taxi service with a fleet of 50 cars.

For about 50 years from 1898, India was an importer of automobiles.

Car manufacturing

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In 1935, the late Bharat Ratna Sir M. Visvesvaraya made an automobile industry in India, but the government did not approve this plan.

In 1943 and 1944, two automobile factories were set up in India- Hindustan Motors Limited, Calcutta; and Premier Automobiles Limited, Bombay for the manufactures of cars.

At present, many automobile companies are manufacturing automobile vehicles.



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