Check which is the 6 Best selling car ever

Check which is the 6 Best selling car ever

January 12, 2018 1 By Harshit Mishra

6 Best Selling Car Ever

6.Ford Escorts


Exceeding than 20 million accompaniment have been sold since 1968, despite it being taken off the production line in 2000. To compete with Japanese cars which were dominating the compact-car scene, Ford introduced the Escort the one of the best-selling car in a two-door hatchback or four-door wagon models. Moerover many structure pull off to the engine and chassis,the Escort was considered by the mid-1990s to be a solid compact car for the price (base under $12,000). Its successor is the Ford Focus which is now one of Ford’s global names. Their Motto is sold on a large scale all over the world as car buyers look for more fuel economic vehicles. But these are some best selling car ever…

5.Volkswagen Beetle©

This “Bug” smashed the auto world in 1933 with very sort of change of its design, and has been a well-loved car for decades, selling an estimated 25 million. Walt Disney further idolized the car by producing the movie “The Love Bug” in 1968. The Volkwagen Beetle has had global success selling all over the world. Volkswagen again launched a newer, sleeker model in the 1990s, and it quickly became a favorite for a new generation. Base price is just over $21,000, with a turbo model running about $10,000 more. It continues to remain one of the most recognizable cars in the world.

4.Volkswagen Golf


As we know that this marked as the Rabbit when exposed in 1974, the Golf is Volkswagen’s most inexpensive model starting at a price of around $19,000. To date, more than 30 million of these four-cylinder sedans have been sold. U.S. News and World Report ranked it No. 8 on the list of affordable compact cars. It is also available with a diesel engine. The Golf is also known as a quick and fun car. Its small wheel base and great handling have made it a wonderful car to drive.

3.Ford F-Series


The Ford F-series,which had been startup in 1948, has been the best-selling automobile in America for the past 35 years. This series had realised the No. 2 spot on the all-time lovable automobile list with 35 million models sold since 1948. The average price for the base model is $30,000. The F-Series has been a main quell in the Truck industry and has utmosted the test of time. Since its inception, This beast has evolved to not only bring forth huge horsepower and torque, but Ford has also taken into account the growing concern of the fuel economy by producing a more fuel-efficient truck.

2.Toyota Corolla


Since 1966, the Corolla has been a mainstay in the industry. The design has never been flashy, but its fuel efficiency (currently 35 mpg) and affordability have made it the top seller of all time with 43 million cars sold so far. The startup model currently sells in the high $16,000 range. The Corolla is also one of the most reliable and long-lasting vehicles, with some consumers reporting nearly 200,000 miles on their odometers.

1.Curved Dash Oldsmobile



The oldsmobile is the best selling car ever.

Ransom E. Olds enlightened the Curved Dash Olds, a single cylinder engine with tilted steering a chain drive, in 1901. Six-hundred were sold. Three years later, Olds’ company sold 5,000 models and the mass production auto industry was on its way. Whether the Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the initially started gross-produced gasoline automobile, some models have been trendy throughout the years while others have been duds. Then there are a select few models that have remained popular with consumers year after year.


The auto industry has produced millions of cars and hundreds of different models in its more than 100-year history. Coming through consecutive year’s, consumers’ wants and needs in a car have been directed towards economical and reliable vehicles.




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