“Denali” as a brand © “Denali” is the top trim level for GMC. It was initially exclusively a Yukon trim level, but has been expanded to the entire GMC lineup. There’s a Sierra Denali, a Canyon Denali, an Acadia Denali and even a Terrain Denali now, each loaded up with luxury features and benefits, as well as functional exclusives. Still, when a consumer boasts that they have a Denali, they are most likely referring to a Yukon Denali or a Yukon XL Denali. Changes to the Exterior © 2018 represents a minor refresh for the Yukon, not a big change over the model that’s been on the road since the 2015 model year. A new sculptural grille has replaced the[…]


BAJAJ PULSAR NS200 DESIGN AND STYLE © The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is that motorcycle which shown what 200cc segment motorcycles should look like. Initial inspiration for the 200NS’s design seemed to have been taken from the smallest Pulsar, the Pulsar 135LS. But with the upcoming newly facelift, the Pulsar 200NS gets a sporty look, with all the new decals and the matte paint finishes. The big, largely opaque ‘200’ decal on the tank shroud adds detail and character to the motorcycle. The Pulsar 200NS is not a sharp motorcycle, but instead it has muscular curves at all the right places. The small cowl, positioned under the engine makes for an interesting little detail and is the only part in the[…]

Overview© Suzukimotorcycle India who came 150 CC cruiser bike section India to start the intruder 150. Bike is no doubt inspired by your big brother intruder 1800, However, is that the same engine and the basis of very well known Suzuki gixxer. Suzuki motorcycle India Ltd (smil) were at the end of the success to start a powerful cruiser a input level value to provide you have a latest news retro expertise. cruiser is available in India price range Bucks 98,340 (ex-showroom Delhi). Bike is a safe, title Turner with surprising detail and retro look. rarely exhaust, West side panels and light Hood, new cruises need a great success. cruiser is powered by 154.9cc, single cylinder production 14.6 BHP @[…]

Hello guys are you ready for being amazed in the beast’s world that will blow your mind   5.Yamaha YZF R1: 186 mph (297 km/h) ©   This Superbike is produced by Japan’s Superbikes manufacturer named as Yamaha. The engine used for this Superbike is forward inclined Parallel Superbike 4-cylinder, 20 valves, DOHC, liquid-cooled. This Superbike can be expected to reach 186 mph (297 km/h) on its top speed. This Superbike can produce 128.2 horsepower (95.6 Kw) at 10000 rpm. This Superbike is currently using constant mesh 6 speed transmission system. 4. Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird: 190 mph (310 km/h) ©   This Superbike was released by Japan leading Superbike manufacturer, Honda. This Superbike is using 1137 cc, liquid-cooled, four cylinder[…]

5. SSC Ultimate Aero © Before 2010, the Aero was the world’s quickest production Supercar.It set a record 256.23mph in Nevada in 2007, holding the title for three years before being dethroned by the Super Sport. Engine size: 1,287bhp 6.3-litre twin turbo V8 Top speed: 256 mph Price: £498,000 4. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport © A former holder of the official title of the world’s fastest production Supercar, there was a time when the Super Sport ruled the roads.Clocked at 267.91 in 2010, the Bugatti shot into the Guinness Book of World Records.But the time was set with the car’s speed limiter removed, meaning it would take second place to younger brother Chiron in an unrestricted race between the two.[…]


Top 5 best selling bikes in India 5. Hero CBZ © It is one of the best Bikes in India, Hero CBZ launched by Hero Honda Motors (initially) has a long history. It was first set up in early 1999 and stayed permanent for about five years. In 2004, a new bike called CBZ* (star) presenting new graphics was came in existence to ramp up sales. However, Hero CBZ was discontinued after 2005 September. After a gap of two years, CBZ was again came back by the CBZ-Xtreme which was a completely new product platform featuring a Honda 149 cc engine and five-speed gearbox. Again in 2008, this Bikes went through a major visual makeover. Engine: Air cooled, 4 –[…]

6 Best Selling Car Ever 6.Ford Escorts © Exceeding than 20 million accompaniment have been sold since 1968, despite it being taken off the production line in 2000. To compete with Japanese cars which were dominating the compact-car scene, Ford introduced the Escort the one of the best-selling car in a two-door hatchback or four-door wagon models. Moerover many structure pull off to the engine and chassis,the Escort was considered by the mid-1990s to be a solid compact car for the price (base under $12,000). Its successor is the Ford Focus which is now one of Ford’s global names. Their Motto is sold on a large scale all over the world as car buyers look for more fuel economic vehicles.[…]