Chek out new features of 2018 Range Rover Velar

Chek out new features of 2018 Range Rover Velar

January 23, 2018 0 By Harshit Mishra

2018 range Rover velar launched at RS 78,83 lakh



Began reservations for land Rover Velar focused on roads; available with two diesel engines and a petrol engine and 25 variants.

Land Rover announced prices for new velare anultrecut in December, SUV maker launched finally SUV focused road in India. Prices range from RS 78.83 lakh RS 01:37 crore (ex-showroom, India), and includes 25 trim.



Offer are three options engine – a 179hp, diesel 2.0-litre a petrol engine 250hp, 2.0-litre a 300hp, v6 engine diesel 3.0 litres. First comes in eight quarters, while the latter comes in new versions. Range velar start with trim basic, and includes there is, HSE, R-dynamic, dynamic R-there, R-dynamic is and variants R-dynamic HSE. Diesel 3.0 litres benefit is also a top-spec.

Petrol on velar starts new die petrol ingenium of JLR, which is expected to replace current petrol engine 240 HP, 2.0-litre the range engines the manufacturer. On international markets, this engine is also available in a state of 300 horsepower. Jlr claims that the new engine will deliver up 25% more power while eating 15% less fuel.


While land Rover called model nearest road’s velar, it comes still range of technology off-road brand. This is equipped with Hill descent control (HDC) as standard system terrain response 2 and active e- differential block back. A car automatic eight steps standard zf is Associated with each engine and provides power all four wheels.

Sitting in the Rover sport in the range land Rover India, velar is a car strict five places. Cabin comes with a system of infotainment touch pro duo using two touch screen 10 inch.

Screens helps to reduce switch to the minimum absolutely, while the bottom of the center console, in front select speed and response land, was transformed and in a screen.


The Velar’s interiors is a quick view of enhanched thought of ‘yacht-inspired’ version according to the design team, and you’ll understand what that means as soon as you step inside the sumptuous cabin. Light colours and strong, horizontal elements that neatly run the length of the dashboard give it a calm, clean yet robust look.

Like the exterior, the dashboard design is extrordinary – there’s not a single button or knob on the prominent leather wrapped slab that runs laterally across the dashboard. A great bit of detail is the slim air vents that are tucked away under the dash top, so as not to interrupt the dashboard lines.

The stand-out feature of the centre console is, undoubtedly, JLR’s new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, which makes its debut in the Velar. It consists of two (hence Duo), neatly stacked, high-definition touchscreens. The upper screen, which automatically tilts up when you switch on the ignition, controls the main functions like hands-free telephony, navigation and audio systems, while the lower screen controls the air con and Terrain Response system, and is another stunning piece of design. The vivid display (made by Panasonic) with ultra-sharp graphics, housed in a smartly angled polycarbonate panel, looks truly high-tech and unique. In fact, if there is one feature that will sell the Velar, it’s the Touch Pro Duo. And it’s not just the screens that are touch-sensitive, but the steering control buttons too are trackpads and respond with the swipe of your thumb.

However, the cabin isn’t completely button-less. You get three rotary knobs, one of which is the ubiquitous volume controller, while the other two are multifunction knobs that can be customised by pressing them to operate the blower speed, temperature, the level of seat massage and even the Terrain Response system.

The Velar has an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot that can pair up to eight devices, and a suite of apps that allow owners to lock and unlock their vehicle or check the amount of fuel in the car.




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